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  1. I invite you, 2021

    4mns 50secs video

    I invite you is a short film in collaboration with Arianna Zuanazzi, a neuroscience researcher who studies how the brain processes language. We were remotely paired for one week to produce a science-inspired film on the topic ‘Resistance’, for the 2021 Symbiosis competition (New York). 

    This film is a sensory journey that illustrates the challenges that our brain faces every day when listening to language. The viewers are invited to participate as laboratory subjects in a cinematic experiment, where language and sound perception are challenged by noisy speech, ambiguous words and dislocated sentences, to illustrate how understanding is a process of resistance. 'I invite you' is the winner of the 2021 Symbiosis competition: “The parallels in the experimentalism of the film structure and the exercise we participate in is a fascinating way to explore the concept of resistance in communication.”

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